Carry Freedom Hand Cart Handle

$ 84.99

Hand Cart Handle for Y-Frame (Small and Large): A simple handle that pins to the right hand Y-Frame arm. This allows you to walk with the Y-Frame while keeping the load bed level. It does not need to be removed for cycling. The handle also has a foot to keep the trailer level.

When only one hand cart handle is fitted the Y-Frame can either be used as a bicycle trailer or a walking cart. It is easiest to walk the trailer with the handle in your right hand, so the wheels are at the front and you are behind the trailer. This prevents your feet hitting the trailer, and allows you to watch the load. When the trailer is at rest and not attached to the bicycle it will rest on the lower leg of the walking handle.

The walking handle can be left in place when the Y-Frame is being used as a bicycle trailer, and the towing arm can be left in place when the Y- Frame is being used as a walking cart.


  • Attaching – The Hand Cart Handle is normally connected to the right hand arm of the Y on the Y-Frame chassis, its held in place using a supplied spring gate pin. You can replace the Spring Gate Pin with a M6 bolt for increased security.

  • Adjusting – The height and angle of the walking handle can be adjusted using a 5mm allen key.

  • Pre 2004 – If your trailer was made in 2004 you will need to drill a hole in the frame for it to attach to. This hole is identical to the towing arm hole. It should be 6.5mm in diameter 50mm from the end, and in the centre of the tube face.

  • 5 year guarantee.

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