About Carry Freedom

Why Carry Freedom?  Here's why:

We design the best bike load trailers in the world. The first question is why use bike trailers at all?

Efficiency - A bicycle trailer is more efficient than rucksack or panniers. Trailers isolate your bike from the load so you don't waste energy wiggling the load.

Safety - A bicycle towing a bicycle trailer handles normally. It corners predictably, and remains manoeuverable.

Practicality - Bicycle trailers are easier to live with. They're easy to pack, convenient to hitch, and light to walk with. Our trailers also flatten easily for storage.

Variability - A bike/trailer combination is a good addition to your car and public transport, offering another way to carry your stuff. But bicycle trailers and bikes can also piggyback on cars and trains.

Why our trailers are better...

Huge capacity - Our bicycle trailers will carry up to 300 Litres / 90 kg of luggage on a normal bike. You will hardly ever carry this much, but you could do a week's shopping for a family of four in one trip.

Cycling "feels" normal - A two wheel bicycle trailer lets your bike handle normally, even if carrying a lot. It corners normally. It's as manoeuverable as normal, and it simply feels normal when cycling. However it takes longer to brake and accelerate, and hills seem steeper (going down as well as up).

No damage to your bike - Carrying heavy loads in bicycle panniers or mono-wheel trailers needs a strong bike with strong wheels and frame. Two wheel bicycle trailers are rotationally isolated from your bike, so even suspended or lightweight bikes don't suffer.


Where? – Most of our trailers are made in Taiwan by Excellent Products, with the custom trailers and most accessories being made by us in our Scottish workshop.

 Taiwan – Taiwan is a democratic country with a good social system. We like Taiwan because of the good machining skills available there. Our supplier has become our good friend and is always ready and willing to improve the product.

Environmental Impact

Resources – We reduce our impact on the environment by minimizing our use of resources such as paper and power, and recycling what we can. Our suppliers have a commitment to the environment and by supporting charities that promote environmental awareness we help educate people on better ways to live.

Location – USED in Germany, makes 60% more electricity than it uses. The excess is pushed back in to the grid system for others to use. This electricity is made using photovoltaic panels. We heat using wood pellets which use a low water temperature to power the heating system lowering our carbon footprint even more.

Carry Freedom’s workshop is a renovated wooden chicken shed on a working farm. This is incredibly well insulated and has very low lighting and heating requirements.