Carry Freedom Y Surf

Carry Freedom Y Surf

$ 180.00

Carry a surfboard, paddle board, kayak, ladder or cello. Long loads may need a longer tow arm. The holder fits on top of a standard Y-Large trailer (not included!).

Fits only on a Y Large Trailer

Maximum trailer load 90 kg/198 lbs.

Load on rails 20 kg/44 lbs.

Wheel size 20”

Board size 2.5 meters/98 inches (with standard tow arm)


With a Y-Surf you can cycle your surf board and all the gear you need to the beach and go on that epic ride.

The unique rail design means that the board cannot be blown around by the wind and there is still space for all your gear as well.

Our trailers - Every journey with a trailer is a journey without a car. By making “stuff carrying by bike” easy, we encourage more bicycle journeys.


Tow Arm

High position

Middle position

Level position

 Y large 


 max. 240cm - 7ft 10in 

 max. 250cm - 8ft 2in 

  max. 130cm - 4ft 3in  

 Y large   50cm

 max. 300cm - 9ft 10in 

 max. 320cm - 10ft 5in 

 max. 220cm - 7ft 2in 

Y large  90cm

 max. 330cm - 10ft 9in 

 max. 350cm - 11ft 5in 

 max. 300cm - 9ft 10in 

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