Carla Cargo

Carla Cargo Trailer

The Carla Cargo is THE heavy-duty trailer that provides businesses an emission-free alternative to carry loads by bike, and is ideal for inner-city traffic—small and nimble enough to weave through congested areas, but still able to carry an impressive volume of cargo.

Carla Cargo trailers can haul loads of up to 330lb (150 kg) when attached to a TRACTOR like the Tern GSD electric cargo bike. The trailer can also be disconnected from your bike and used manually for deliveries at larger complexes, carrying up to 440 lb (200 kg) in Hand Truck Mode.

Carla trailers can already be seen in New York, with bike couriers delivering groceries all across the city. By ditching the van, companies are able to meet the growing home delivery demand in their market, fulfill orders more quickly and cost-effectively, and reduce traffic, noise, and emissions at the same time.

Learn more about the Carla Cargo platform here.